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(Reporter Zhao Wu Yongming Department) April 3 at 2 pm, two young heroes to save Yaojie fall Datonghe classmates jumped into the water after missing one after another,eRs33uuN0F, in the afternoon of April 4 search and rescue personnel found a small hero Ho after Qi remains, at 12:00 on April 5, but also a matter of grief the news: an Elementary another hero's remains have also been found.   April 3rd 2 pm,7JjAFugdxy, I saw my classmates Xiaotao accidentally fell into the water, two students Yaojie An Elementary School, Ho Yee successive jumped into the rushing river struggling to rescue, the ultimate success of the students fell into the water were rescued, but An Elementary Ho Yee but never out of the water. From that moment, the search and rescue by the local people spontaneously formed army has been searching for their trail,324MVywOl7,hogan outlet,q15uu1Bi85, until at 13:00 on April 4,scarpe hogan outlet, rescuers found the remains of the little hero Ho Yee.   From April 3 to April 5,canada goose solde, An Elementary father Chase already watch the river for two days, most of the time,W6vaECT5Er,moncler pas cher, he is a person afford to sit. Next, there thirty-five relatives,bTAJQoMszL, stood helpless. Time, minute by minute later, but the miracle did not occur, April 5 at 12 am, An Elementary's body was found in the river. Many of his students around the front of the remains of crying, a classmate named Ma told reporters, "I will not forget for a lifetime, he was salvaged that scene, his hands before the move, still maintained a posture to survive."   Long song when the cry,barbour soldes, souls forever, two teenagers spirit so that people remember forever heart. Reporters learned that the afternoon of April 4,PbsAv1Ta8f, led by Vice President Wang Yaojie school students two students came to class home to young heroes condolences to the family. Officials said today's children grow up in favor, the lack of courageous spirit, and as "90" An Elementary Ho Yee two students at a critical juncture heroes,zJ2VN9bVk9, their spirit is a valuable asset. Currently the school is collecting material relating to save the event for two young hero declared "courageous" title.


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