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標題: this thing very common.
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this thing very common.

Wang Haijun in blood,000 yuan.. Network Graphics
"A much-needed platelet life insurance!" Recently, microblogging Shang Yize help message caused many users attention and forwarding. Originally, December 3, Rugao school seats Jun suddenly suffering from acute promyelocytic leukemia, if not timely platelets, his life would be at risk. However, normal platelet storage time is only a few days, the blood bank platelet A very scarce.
Through a friend of microblogging, Xi Jun school "SOS" message is diffused, a Mr. Wang in Taizhou work after that,gone through hardships. Howev, regardless of the distance, deliberately get up early to ride three hours by train arrived in Nantong for school seats Jun a unit of donated platelets,, and then rushed back to go.
Hu Yanjun Chen Juan
Nantong patients in need of platelets
Jun 39 seats school usually very physical healthiness. In early December of this year, he was found bleeding gums, at the beginning did not seriously children. Month 3, in order to allow the family at ease, he went to a local hospital to check routine, report the results left him stunned -. "The doctor said that I value very low platelets needed immediately to a large urban hospital."
In the afternoon, accompanied by his family seat Chun school,Local coal Supervisor Bureau is informed of an accident before, he came to the Affiliated Hospital of Nantong University. A medical examination revealed a large area of his body purple spots,louboutin pas cher, health was in jeopardy. Doctors said Chun school seats need to enter a unit of platelets per day, 28 days after the pre-treatment before being out of danger. However, to seat a school Jun desperate, shortage of blood bank platelets, relatives and friends have rolled up their sleeves to help,a sudden coal mine accidents, persevering in line with very few donations conditions.
According to doctors, school seats Jun suffering from acute promyelocytic leukemia, leukemia belong to relatively minor one, can recover fully after treatment. However, since the platelets, "famine", the number of seats the school platelet Jun was dropped four thousand or less. Hospitals and even issued a "critical condition notice," which makes the seats have two school children Jun couple despair.
Due to long-term failure to enter A platelet, Xi Jun school severely damaged retina, once nearly blind. Recently, the Modern Express reporter went to the Affiliated Hospital of Nantong University, Department of Hematology,but the long hours of study a, see school seats lying on the bed lax Jun eyes, blood still remained in the nasal cavity,louboutin pas cher, it is said a few days before his nosebleed DC, the doctor had to be filled with drugs to stop bleeding he can only breathe through the mouth difficult.
Due to serious condition, hospital school priority for the seat reservation Jun A platelet to Nantong city blood bank, but still can not meet the daily input of a platelet unit. November 20, "the middle reaches of Nantong City" on the microblogging posted a note for help, access to many users and Nantong microblogging Reds attention and forwarding.
Taizhou people,karen millen outlet, who came to donate blood
According to school seats wife Ms. Gong Jun introduction, through advocacy microblogging and other media platforms, the past two days, many well-intentioned people contact her, I wanted to donate blood Chun school seats. So far, two successful donations. Jun Xi school finally lost on the life-saving blood, his condition gradually stabilized.
Ms. Gong said that many well-meaning people, there is a work of Wang in Taizhou particularly touched her. "22 am, I received his call, he said, had just arrived in Nantong railway station." Ms. Gong said that the day due to family problems, she was unable to meet with Mr. Wang. Around 12:00, she called contact Mr. Wang, would like to personally thank, but that he donated a unit of platelets, hurriedly eating fast food ready to return the box.
According to Ms. Gong said,near the bus station 17 walke, Mr. Wang who was a public-spirited good man, this is not his first time to donate blood for others.
Yesterday afternoon,babyliss curl secret, the Modern Express reporter contacted him by telephone. This name just turned 30-year-old man named Wang Haijun enthusiastic,nothing decent work Zhu Wen a, native MSC, now in Taizhou, from 2011 to date, has donated more than 80 units of platelets for others.
On Sunday, Wang Haijun see friends forwarded this microblogging help, then I decided the next morning to rush to donate blood. December 22 morning, 6:50, Wang Haijun the way to catch a train in Nantong, hastily offered a unit of platelets, eat a snack later,karen millen outlet, he returned to Taizhou.
"Usually offered once or twice a month, which side, if necessary, to drive past a point force." Wang Haijun smiled and told the Modern Express reporters after he has deliberately rushed to donate blood MSC, for him, this thing very common.
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