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標題: we live in a huge noise." Residents said the building close to reporters.
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we live in a huge noise." Residents said the building close to reporters.

Accident site premises following the incident,http://store.shopping.yahoo.co.jp/topism/n-tops-2-topism.html, broken brick floor. Newspaper reporter Ding photo is opening this building upstairs falling bricks claimed the lives of young children. Newspaper reporter Ding photo open
Newspaper reporters are reported Goshen 28-year-old Qiu Sanling how he never imagined that his two year old son Qiujin Heng lost their lives at the moment,karen millen dress, this young boy was hit on the head with a brick,louboutin soldes, still being ignorant children forever goodbye to her parents.
At that moment Huocongtianxiang
The tragedy occurred at about 4 am on the 19th afternoon, when no one will notice event took place in an instant. Neighbors realized from the cries of children in the family, in that remote little place, out of the big things.
This remote little place, usually do not how many people contacts, in Longgang South Bay Street Danzhutou Tong Mei Community and the South, 26 to 29 of the small space, the tragedy happened so unexpectedly. No. 29, is building a 13-storey under construction, and Tong Mei Community Danzhutou South 26 houses, and here are closely linked,babyliss curl pas cher, almost house next to the house. Reporters rushed to the scene found that the gap between the two buildings, the site became the first accident. "Who would have thought this place is also a big accident, never thought of." Neighbors sighed.
At that time children are walking around here, and he does not realize this calm brewing great danger, and the workers at this time is focused on the construction progress of the project. At about 4 am, a brick fell from the 6th floor, the middle child of the head, blood poured out, the child fell to the ground.
At the scene,http://takao-sato.seesaa.net, reporters still found a piece of dark red blood, here everywhere messy bricks. Some nearby residents also followed reporters here, they all sighed a young life so untimely end. And before the reporter had not yet arrived on the scene, dressed in a costume of security Deng also told reporters, "You are the things that come to interview it, I was in the scene of the accident,louboutin femme, it is after the event, some of the local people quickly He called me later and said bricks hit people, and then I thought it was a fight of things, to where he realized a 2 year old child out of the thing. "
He squatted on the ground, his hands gesturing and said, "come and after a lot of the police station, hospital Ganjin Wang family take their children to run, the scene was chaotic, something happened, I do not know."
"I have been unable to accept that."
The building has been under construction stopped yesterday it continues to rise in the height of the entire building has been uncommon figure,http://bamboo.wao.or.jp/~haitaman/cgi/aska.cgi?mode=resmsg&no=4412, no construction workers, without the noise of construction, the building soon to be capped. "Finally clean all day, from the beginning of construction,babyliss curl secret, this building construction building day and night, we live in a huge noise." Residents said the building close to reporters.
And other reporters found Qiusan Ling home, closed the door, through the window, which is a nearly 60 square meters of two-bedroom home, which placed five or six sets of clothing production machine, came to the neighbors said the children parents are making clothes for others, but in the Reporters confirmation Qiusan Ling, he said he has not what profession.
Reporters are waiting to see, a young boy came out from the house, he told reporters that he is Qiusan Ling relatives, parents are currently dealing with the aftermath, I do not know their whereabouts. If there are things I still contact them directly.
After the reporter to get the phone, immediately call Qiusan Ling. The sound of the phone, this young father of voice low. He said he moved just a week time from other places, such things happened, so that they are in a great grief. "Qiu Jinheng is the only child, my God, how can such a big thing, and now the children will not understand how their own in the world suddenly disappeared." Asked about the current issues dealing with the aftermath,http://www13.plala.or.jp/white_roots/gwbbs/gwbbs.cgi, he has refused to disclose the amount of compensation. "But I may have to leave in 3 days in Shenzhen, and up to now has been unable to accept that." He said.
Accident site has been ordered to shut down
Reporter then went to South Bay street, the officer told reporters provided a written "July 19 Danzhutou a child was crushed brick events note." The note said,http://akagin.sakura.ne.jp, "July 19 evening, Sandy Bay police station received a public rebellion,http://store.shopping.yahoo.co.jp/spark-inc/kit-65w-h4rl-64.html, said a boy was Danzhutou Tong Mei Community South, 29 are upstairs falling bricks hit on the head, taken to hospital after He died. The main street leading after informed of the situation, immediately instructed the leaders and relevant leaders in charge on duty, leading urban construction office, safety supervision office, legal services center, the petition office and Danzhutou community workers first at the scene, to appease the families, Urban Construction Office immediately ordered to stop work site accident, Sandy Bay police station owners and contractors to assist in the investigation away.
The original site of the Department of Danzhutou villagers residential community, has handled a one construction procedures. To properly handle this incident,http://www.postyournipples.com, streets petition demands timely intervention center,http://cdurable.info/spip.php?article4765, the initiative to provide legal assistance to the victim, victim assistance and protect its interests, the two sides in the field under the coordination of relevant departments, has initially reached a compensation agreement. Now the families of the victim emotional stability, there is no excesses. "
In an interview with reporters Danzhutou Community Workstation Master Ling Chenguang, he has repeatedly say with certainty that "The building under construction is not illegal construction, there is a legal formalities." But when reporters asked him whether the building when ultrahigh , he said, "it is a little ultra-high," but he said the number of ultra-specific "do not know."


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