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標題: next to prevent failure of the chip is magnetized
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next to prevent failure of the chip is magnetized

2012 graduate recruitment around the corner, this year the implementation of the network reported the scene confirmed that the system must provide the second generation ID card.
Senior student Liu rock when suddenly the scene confirmed that: his second-generation card, "degaussing",scarpe mbt, and could not be authenticated. "If you do well in the ID card a month, you can not sign up, then I review a year of hard study section of the effort, may in vain!" Yesterday, Liu looked very sad to recourse to reporters.
The second generation ID card is demagnetized
Liu Yan is the Zhongnan University of 2008 students, postgraduate enrollment this year.
This year's New Deal provision PubMed, 2012 National Graduate Admissions take "online registration site to confirm +" approach, Shizhaokaoban on November 10 to November 14 to accept the scene confirmed that the candidates are required to submit the second-generation ID card and other relevant documents, qualification.
Liu confirmation procedures when handling suddenly found November 10, often together with the bank card identification degaussing, the reader can not read. Staff told Liu, the first copy account the location of the police station household registration certificate, identity card to receive prove that prediction of return to the scene to confirm the signing of a letter of commitment with the prediction of Admissions at: December 15, must have a valid two on behalf of the certificate to apply makeup on information point, overdue as a waiver exam.
Liu Yan rushed to the school where the collective account Guanshan Street police station. "Household registration certificate,, identity card to receive prove all get a smooth, but the police told me,Chaussure louboutin pas cher, go through the second generation ID card required 30 days,, can be uncertain until December 15 received." This allows Liu panic.
Guanshan Street police station, Liu found that he encountered a similar situation more than a person.
Municipal Public Security Bureau Hu Zhengchu: centralized collection on everything
Reporters then contacted the Wuhan Public Security Bureau Hu Zhengchu. Fangding Xin Hu Zhengchu person in charge introduced in the second generation ID card with a chip, which stores information about the identity of the residents. Chip technology and ordinary bank card is not the same,polo ralph lauren pas cher, once "demagnetized" means chip is damaged, it must go through again.
According to reports, Ministry of Public Security of second-generation card accreditation for 2 months, Wuhan has the speed to 30 working days. For postgraduate students identification difficulties encountered Fangding Xin said can on everything,, seven days after finishing. "But given the fragmentation of the student population,, it is best to come forward by the school organization, centralized retroactive, but must go through a local account held in Wuhan."
Reporters relevant information back to Liu Yan. Liu said that the school will be difficult to come forward,louboutin pas cher, he is willing to create a QQ group,, please join students have similar experiences. QQ group number: 190 268 271.
Accidentally "demagnetized"
"Second generation ID card will degaussing?" Reporter then interviewed after more than 10 people, most said the bank card degaussing heard of, never heard of identity cards will be demagnetized.
Fangding Xin Hu Zhengchu person in charge introduced within the second generation ID card chip circuit like fine hair. Daily use, do not place a strong magnetic field places or objects (such as television, mobile phones, audio, etc.) next to prevent failure of the chip is magnetized; two identity cards do not bend freely, resulting in damage to the line.
It regularly "physical"
You can check whether the second generation ID card is demagnetized
Currently,, the second generation ID card has been widely used in finance, telecommunications, transportation, education, medical and other needs of real-name certification agencies and units, the people involved in aspects of daily life. Conditional residents regularly make a second-generation card "physical", in order to avoid surprise.
When you go through the following items, you can point to the second generation ID card to be a "physical examination."
Civil Affairs Bureau, "licensing": whether it is civil affairs departments to marriage, divorce, or issuing a single proof, you need to brush the second generation ID card.
Driver's license examined: the Vehicle Administration driver's license, driver's license and annual renewal of the handle, you need to brush the second generation ID card processing.
Internet Accommodation: If second-generation card, "degaussing" Internet cafes to register or to stay at the hotel, may be considered "black households."
Fly tickets: Passengers at railway station ticket purchase motor car, and the airport check-in, you need to brush the second generation ID card for identification.
Candidates Entry: There are many companies in the recruitment of staff, also need identity authentication. ID card "degaussing" you can not apply for work permits or label.
Bank Securities: If the second-generation card, "degaussing",, the banks,karen millen outlet,, securities firms can not open an account and can not be large withdrawals, you will not be able to purchase insurance.
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Heilongjiang: Mr. Zhang drove to the Vehicle Administration examined and replacement procedures are handled, do not find that identification degaussing.
Zhejiang Jinhua: Xiao Song holding second generation ID card users to access an Internet cafe, because ID degaussing, suffer from a "black households" treatment, after a dispute with the NMS occurred smashed cafe facilities, police arrived in time was able to stop
Zhejiang Quzhou: Mr. Qian intends to buy a house, took his office more than three years before a second-generation resident ID card to apply for a single proof, but was rejected because the ID card degaussing.
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