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(Reporter Wang Lina) "You talk nonsense, the suspects entered the basement is not registered, but also perfect to kill my son go back to something you never noticed!" Yesterday, because Xiaoyuan child killed his parents in court Property blamed entirely An Baoyi Service.
To Beijing two weeks, 21-year-old in a rented basement Xiaoyuan been strangled. Xiaoyuan parents Beijing Dongfang content and property management limited liability company sued,UCSJhi3QM3, claims 69 million yuan. Yesterday morning, the East Court hearing of the case.
Yesterday, the court Xiaoyuan parents came from Sichuan. Xiaoyuan mother a mouth to speak,yGRymaKnJS, began to cry, "the house is also home to it obliquely, attend to the tube, my son die Cana, how much money can not be exchanged lose his life."
Xiaoyuan mother recalled, in October last year, Xiaoyuan to Beijing to work. Later that month, also received Xiaoyuan phone. In November,Update your music collection, she received a police notice only the bad news that his son was killed.
Xiaoyuan parents from the police was informed that the afternoon of October 29,canada goose homme, in the basement rental, and Xiaoyuan Pengmou because of a trivial dispute, Pengmou with a hair dryer power cord Xiaoyuan strangled. "My son's death two weeks, the attendant found my son's room is abnormal, the bodies were rotten,woolrich outlet," Xiaoyuan mother said.
Pengmou was sentenced to death. Because it can not compensate for any loss, Yuen couple sued for compensation for damages in property company 69 million yuan. Xiaoyuan parents believe that poor management of property, failed to fulfill An Baoyi Service, resulting in Xiaoyuan killed.
Trial, argued that the property, Xiaoyuan Pengmou is killed, his death has nothing to do with the property. Property agents said, "Only a stranger to enter inventory and registration, see the surveillance video, is Xiaoyuan Pengmou into the basement, the staff think they are good friends."
The case is not in court for sentencing.
& Gt,gmu2OE9129; & gt,mjpWQ23IYq; reporter returning into the basement were not blocked
Yesterday afternoon, the reporter arrived at the East Gate,hogan outlet, Building a warehouse alley incident. Reporters from a cell entrance,2ywMGwd8Qq, security on duty did not ask. Reporters walked into the basement to see the stairs corner hung a notice "if not this person allowed to enter the basement, if visitors please register offenders at your peril."
Reporters went in the basement corridor turned ten meters before being duty of people to call out. Staff said that the basement management is very strict, visitors must be registered. Xiaoyuan mention the death of the staff member said,jMwVRvqi1e, "he accepted, it stayed three or four times, and if he found someone with early let him live." Staff said that the basement there is the probe,louboutin femme, "We found the suspects from surveillance video,cy3g831VYH,roshe run femme," and then he expressed reluctance to be interviewed on the matter.


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