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標題: I asked the police
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I asked the police

YORK,mbt outlet, October 13 news this year March 12, the Lindian Zhangzhang Guo bought a Lottery Lotto play the lottery, and the 188 million prize. However,said common eczema, he fell on the lottery lottery ticket desk inside the station, lost. But before the deadline to receive awards, but someone will walk away with prize money of 1.88 million. This makes Zhang Zhangguo very puzzled, he considered picking their lottery station boss lottery, hire someone to receive the award; but the lottery station owner Miao Jing Wei insisted denied. No way, Zhang Zhangguo reported the matter to the police.
According to Zhang Zhangguo introduction, when there is a choice of numbers in the lottery, so he helped to elect. This effort, he put the lottery tossed on the table. Upon his return, he bought a number of other lottery completely before the ticket to forget what.
But the lottery station owner Miao Wei said the King, "lost not lose it does not matter the lottery with lottery station - now lost, the prize would go to the people to see is not me,only one problem left unresol, is not our family and relatives, and consequently do not understand Yet?"
However,the court verdict, the Provincial Sports Lottery Center said, according to regulations, the winner's personal information is confidential and can not be disclosed. Only through the legal process,Hollister Pas Cher, it can be found in the award's information.
"I hope the public security organs involved in the case as soon as possible, through formal legal channels the results out, to know how it is when - and I also hope to have a clean more than six months,according to Sarah's memories, in fact, I quite aggrieved!." Miao Jing Wei said.
Zhangzhang Guo told reporters, after the discovery of the missing lottery seventh day,babyliss curl pas cher, he went to Daqing City Lindian County Public Security Bureau reported the matter, Lindian County Public Security Bureau attaches great importance to immediately send police officers to investigate. "Public Security Bureau came the first day,the case is still under further investigation carefully., I had finished the situation; the next day to call to let me go, I did not go because I did not open itself, I said, 'I'm the families of these two days not feeling well, you. to verify the situation would come 'later, police came twice to verify the situation and a little later, I asked the police:'? it is not able to solve the case, 'he said:' you wait,damaging nearly 80 million., this should be the case outcome. ''
However, after that,as a mother Pengcheng Xiu and, the investigation would have no movement, King Miao Wei and his neighbors have been waiting for the results of the investigation.
So, investigate why no news of it? Reporter in Daqing City Public Security Bureau,Chaussures louboutin,The Haidian Procuratorate acc, Public Security Bureau after simple investigation found that the case is not within their area of responsibility. "Such cases, the parties will be lost because of my reason article somewhere, the unlawful possession, if the amount reaches a certain standard, belong to encroachment, according to our law cases belong to the readme. Readme case requires a party to the people's court proceedings people's Court after the acceptance, examination and trial processing. Therefore, in accordance with the law,karen millen dress, the public security organs can not be handled directly. "Daqing City Public Security Bureau legal Department staff told reporters. Meanwhile, Lindian Daqing City People's Court Tangyuan Zhang said that this matter because there is no sufficient evidence, can not be placed on file.
In this regard, Daqing City Public Security Bureau said that given the current situation of the two sides deadlocked, as long as Zhang Zhangguo to the court, the public security authorities are willing to take the initiative investigation, taking evidence, the two sides as soon as possible to help solve the problem.
In addition, staff at the Daqing City Public Security Bureau legal advice, lawyer Zhang Zhangguo can first obtain evidence, then the court after the prosecution. "In accordance with the provisions of the new Law on Lawyers, attorneys may be evidence to the authorities, personal. That is, the lawyers can go to the provincial sports center, call up the information that people get awards."
Source: JERUSALEM - Heilongjiang Morning News


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