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標題: still no news of the child.
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still no news of the child.

Several student demonstration over the wall out of school
(Reporter Qing Rong wave) Dragon Boat Festival after the children go to school, a few days no news, which can put parents anxious. June 20, Lintong a private enclosed school, two students at the same time invisible. Looking for a day,louboutin femme, as of 8:00 last night,scarpe mbt, still no news of the child.
One is a fourth grade student in fifth grade is 16 o'clock yesterday, Western Springs is located in Baqiao District of Xi'an in Shaanxi village street toon three school gate, Master Tan did not attend to wipe the sweat on his forehead, because his 11-year-old son Peas (a pseudonym) has been missing more than 24 hours a. "Children are six classes of fourth grade students have been here for two years on, at 15:30 on the 20th, the teacher called first asking me if I had the money to the children,the driver called him one, asked in Xi'an have no relatives, and then only to say a child lost. "According to master Tan recalled teacher told that the child is missing 2 pm,"Do the complete lifting of h, the school sought more than one hour before the results did not notify the parents.
4 o'clock in the afternoon, Mr. Tan Wan West from temporary road to get to school, started in the vicinity of trying to find, but until yesterday, still no results. Tam introduced, they are Sichuanese, two years ago,Xinhua Nanning, came to Xi'an, the child usually could not get in school, by the school sent home every two weeks, last met the Dragon Boat Festival day, I can not anymore contact.
Master Li's children are missing student's column, his children Dan Dan (pseudonym) 14 years old,There are people who want to , is the school's fifth grade students.
Yesterday, the reporter went to the school to interview. A fourth grade teacher talk, eat at 20 noon, in the cafeteria she had seen Peas, followed by students nap, until 14:00 afternoon study hall, Peas disappeared.
Students said the school is actually very easy to come up with
Campus, several students in the sixth grade, said the school usually management is very strict, not free to go out, although a high wall,karen millen dress, but if you come up with the school, is still very easy.
Students will be brought to the school correspondents west public toilet door, a student demonstration jump up the wall from the toilet up, stand to the 2-meter-high wall.
The new school canteen next to the west wall, a small gap between two walls, a student stays in feet each side of the wall, a few erupted on the fence. "Schools in the management certainly loopholes!" Yesterday, anxiety,she was shoving the six childrens clothes washing. In a few days the child did not live on campus, Tan said the master,Handan" Help group forum post, there is a student entrance west side door, and out of life vehicles,After the Second Chamber Executive VicePresident of Dandong Yan rushed to the scene, iron and the ground more than 20 cm gap, "which also had the 20th there are traces of crawling, I estimate that two children from crawling out of the cracks. "
Analysis of the genus school students go out without permission
Run a school official said, the school belongs to the closed-end management, not allowed to go out without permission, after the two students to go out without permission, school staff immediately launched, in a nearby village, two children are looking to live, but has not been As a result,ralph lauren soldes, "a review of the door monitor found that the child is not from the door out, preliminary analysis, they climb over the wall, or drilled from the side door to the gap," the school also received a message from the bus station,found that Chen has cut off a, two children from the village toon car, get off in the gap, and later disappeared, "one of two students has 10 QQ, our teachers have also been monitored."
According to the Bureau of Public Security Lintong Western Springs police station, said police have received a report and launched an investigation, "Without exception, the student should belong out, under normal circumstances,babyliss pro perfect curl, if you are from out of school, the school certainly has a responsibility."
Yesterday, the reporter will be reflected to the Lintong District Board of Education, Department of Education administrative office a staff member said, they will arrange for the relevant departments to investigate as soon as possible.


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