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標題: it is not easy to find those buried
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it is not easy to find those buried

20 at 8 pm, the bodies were buried in the ruins of the women were carried away. Side of the building collapsed, here "basket case" House still build. Fire fighters rescue with life detectors.
Newspaper Jining July 21 (Reporter & nbsp; & nbsp; Huang Guanghua & nbsp; & nbsp; intern & nbsp; & nbsp; Zhang Jin) 20 pm, Jining High-tech Zone Liu row neighborhood offices Nanying a under construction three-storey building He collapsed. Accidents caused by a female construction worker was buried under three hours was killed and another two workers were injured.
21 am 8 pm,it left me. "Until now, reporters at the scene saw, is part of a collapsed building under construction in the three-storey building,and Lee has been at home, the building collapsed after the brick and cement piled in disorder on the ground floor.
An eyewitness described the scene, the collapse of the building owner is a village Lu's family. A villager surnamed Liu told reporters, on the 20th at 5 pm, the house suddenly collapsed,Hexiao Fu Jun Ho's sister,karen millen dress,fear the case is rendered aft, "saw a burst of light smoke,Cases playback," no prior signs, where the female worker who was on the first floor of the east side of the construction was buried in bricks and cement under plate. After the accident, the villagers immediately dialed 110 and 119 alarms.
Because bricks and cement boards are stacked, it is not easy to find those buried,karen millen sale, firefighters involved in the rescue coordination to a life detector search and rescue, and cement board with a crane removed. After more than three hours of emergency rescue, the first floor of the east side of the building collapsed in the final found buried women,his wife, but dead. The other two injured workers do not hurt. Reporters learned that the dead line of the building under construction contractors Lin's wife.
Reason: building supplies fail
Reporters noted that the building with the bricks are old,is not smooth,ralph lauren soldes, some of the bricks used to knit fine surface sand. One villager told reporters the scene, these are fine sand surface sand, brick is used several times in the old brick, there is no bonding properties.
A villager surnamed Lu, due to the use of substandard building materials, plus the recent spate of heavy rain, the building of the wall can not bear the weight of the floor caused by collapsing buildings.
Extending the investigation:
To get compensation, "basket case" House still cover
Reporters noted that when Nanying interview, although just collapse accident occurred, but there are still many villagers continue to build a house. And this simple houses everywhere in the village,babyliss curl secret, mostly simple building of a number of three or four. These buildings just a basket case, with bricks and cement floor are simply piled up.
An unnamed villagers told reporters that cover this house in the village of Xing four or five years time,hollister soldes, "heard rumors that this place to the demolition, in order to get some of the more relocation compensation,services. However, the villagers have built this house is to borrow money should cover much more to cover the demolition of the time, the more money is "chip video / reporter & nbsp;.? & nbsp; Huang Guanghua


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