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for a girl

21 years old, for a girl, it is the flower of age. However, Shijiazhuang University of Economics is 21-year-old freshman girl Cong, not only did the opportunity to spend 21st birthday, and his family could not even spend the Year of the Dragon Chinese New Year.
January 20 10 am, 307 State Road and Xian Guo Town Cangzhou City Commercial Street in Manhattan, New Year back home in Cong on a van, want to Xian to meet a friend, but after no audio. 22 afternoon, the town of Botou yingzi wild, police found Liu Cong, forensic identification, she was tied 6 knives, has passed away a long time.
Reported net
Freshman girls during the Spring Festival is now dead wilderness
"Shijiazhuang University of Economics a freshman girls after missing two days later, brutally wilderness postmortem." January 26, a users post, he said the girl named Cong, Cangzhou City Xianxian Daguo large guozhuang village. According to the information provided in the net posts, 28 am, the reporter went to verify local matter.
On the 28th 11 am, reporters saw a large Guo Village, due to the Spring Festival,the head falls. Father and da, in front of every house are close couplets, hanging word blessing, a festive and peaceful atmosphere. However, Cong home did not look like a little New Year's,The second was my grandfather, father LIU Jin-hai but his eyes bloodshot.
"20 morning I even told her over the phone, did not think out of trouble." LIU Jin-hai told reporters after Cong's body was found, her mother was unable to withstand such a big hit,the firm can not live togethe, the eldest son Liu Zhiqiang has been received far from home in Chengdu.
"I am the only person on board, very scared."
Cong brother Liu Zhigang told reporters, on the 19th early in the morning, went to the neighboring village of Cong aunt's house to play, did not come back that night, on the 20th in the morning to find a classmate said to Xian in the afternoon to go home. Can not go home until 18 o'clock, the family called her, her phone has been turned off.
20 am, after around to find, Cong Liu Zhigang that morning had passed to their high school classmates Xiao Wu QQ message.
"It was 10:28, she suddenly sent a message on the line that going to the county to find a student, she was the only person on board,polo ralph lauren pas cher,the Public Security Bureau is, I feel very scared." Xiao Wu told reporters, "10 minutes later, she said the car a lonely strange place. "after issuing these two messages, Cong's picture becomes gray,this act undermines the gover,karen millen outlet, the phone off, can not contact.
At 21:30 on the 20th,LAE1trQgnl, still did not see her come home, anxious LIU Jin-hai called the police.
Six hands tied body knife two days without eating
22, a time when New Year's Eve, this is a man happy staying-day,babyliss curl secret, however, LIU Jin-hai a people, this day is unusually painful. & Nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp;
13 pm the same day, police received a phone call saying LIU Jin-hai, a woman whose body was found in a wasteland Botou municipal towns and villages under the sub, the features are very similar and Cong, a man hurried to Botou. 18 pm, LIU Jin-hai in Botou City People's Hospital mortuary to see this body of a woman, is his daughter missing two days Cong.
23, forensic identification, Cong were slashed 6 knives, including knife 3 chest, abdomen three knives more serious,babyliss pro perfect curl, at the back of the head and neck have multiple injuries, the residue showed no stomach any food inside her for two days.
"The police said my daughter when they were discovered, the hands are tied." LIU Jin-hai said, "The police told me that, according to the tire marks left at the scene of the judgment,while enjoying the provisions of labor law, the killer might be driving a van."
We are making every effort to hunt down suspects
"My son would have been years ago,xLSgx8nAO2, getting married,babyliss pro perfect curl, marriage can only be postponed now." LIU Jin-hai told reporters that he has two children and two women, Cong is the smallest, the family all love her.
"This child will help parents work every holiday." 70-year-old neighbor, said Mr. Liu, Liu Cong grew very obedient, very fond of her neighbors.
"Cong is a particularly enthusiastic people, students and relations are very good, out of such a thing, we are very sorry for her." Classmate Xiao Wu said.
28 pm, Cangzhou Botou Interpol brigade named Li Cong police confirmed to reporters after the murder, and have jointly expressed Xian Ho Interpol squadron, to hunt down suspects.
Text / reporter intern reporter Geng Shuo Gao Fei
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