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標題: He said that the total cost of the overall project including the new school
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He said that the total cost of the overall project including the new school

Chang Ping, a school principal said the total cost of about 1.35 million,karen millen outlet, funded by the Government
Nanfang Daily News (reporter / Zhu Jin) yesterday,he was in the diary. Last mon,babyliss pro perfect curl, Chang Ping middle school students to the reporters, and they will soon enable the new school gates this week, the cost of up to 300 million! The face of "price the gate" of the rumors, the students have said that the cost is too high, the school has "burn" suspect. The principal of the school will come out to clarify the rumors, the actual cost of the gate of about 135 million,three men holding a high-pres, and bidding for government projects, schools are not out of pocket.
Pretty original gate Makeover
Chang Ping,loss of fees a total of 5 mil, a middle school girl, said she miss the previous school. "At that time the school door has a clear pond,locked suspicious objects und, the pond erected a bridge, very poetic, but also a great school, four or five cars side by side into the no problem." Why do you want to build a new school,babyliss curl secret, she never understanding.
It is reported that the former star PREMISES school, which is a private school, taught in schools homes mostly European architectural style gorgeous, Chang Ping Senior High School this year is just to move, after moving began a series of infrastructure projects,but also hope to Ford sibling, construction of a new school is one of them. In September, the new school project started, built by rings company, currently nearing completion.
Because of rumors of new school construction cost up to 300 million yuan,louboutin femme, students and school staff are impressed with this school, many students told reporters reflect the school to do so is not too expensive, for the "face project" if investment is too large? The number of security guards the entrance of the school is also asking that construction workers from the mouth, this school really spent 300 million yuan.
Yesterday, the reporter went to the school new school, found that the school built by the marble really quite impressive. Gate pale pink, about two meters long,babyliss curl secret, designed to become a screen on both sides of the gate like marble Construction. According to the presence of staff, said the ceremony will be held on Wednesday, the official opening of the new school.
School denies 3,000,High female teacher surnamed ,000 Cost
Yesterday, Chang Ping middle school principal told reporters that the school did not own money to build the gate, but the government tender, government funding for the construction,but his party and the public , and therefore on the specific circumstances of the new school, he also unclear. However,every rainy day, according to a preliminary understanding him, the total cost of the new school of about 135 million.
He said that the total cost of the overall project including the new school, which in addition to the school, the school also include flower beds in front of the parking lot and after school. "School in front of the parking lot to park 26 cars at the same time, light the project also accounted for a lot of money." But for the rumored 3 million cost, principals said, should not be so expensive!


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