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Cheap Jerseys at King Lear Grocery and Variety Shop

A friendship for well over 40 years ended tragically on Wednesday evening last,Authentic Kyle Korver Hawks Jersey, when a 59-year-old John Street,Cheap NFL Jerseys China, Lodge resident, killed his 55-year-old neighbour Carl Thomas, a father of four. Thomas received a single stab wound to the abdomen with a serrated “long knife”.The assailant has since been taken into police custody after being arrested at his home.Kaieteur News understands that the incident occurred at around 18:30hrs (6:30pm) at King Lear Grocery and Variety Shop, located on John Street,Cheap NFL Jerseys Wholesale, Lodge. The wounded man was rushed to the Georgetown Public Hospital but died while receiving treatment. He lived above the shop.Information reaching this newspaper stated that after stabbing his victim,NFL Jerseys Discount, the suspect went to his home then went back to the scene and said “I should a kill yuh…” Sources claim the man subsequently went to bed, after which the police apprehended him.According to Lear Porter,Throwback Jerseys, brother of the deceased,Deion Sanders Falcons Jersey, the incident resulted from an argument over clothes. The man said that his brother had accused the suspect of throwing away his clothing.Porter explained that the suspect had lived under the same roof with the deceased for awhile. He further mentioned that there is a general bond between the families.According to residents of the neighbourhood, the men grew up like brothers,Brett Hull Red Wings Jersey, and they would have never fathomed an ending of this sort.“These men actually grew up together,” one resident said. Left to mourn are Thomas’s children,China Jerseys Cheap, brother and many other loved ones. Relatives described him as a “jovial fella” who loved talking about bible stories.


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