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Some abnormal situation,moncler pas cher, let the girl Yan Kang birth to an illegitimate child, the more bizarre is that the child's father actually took out a $ 500,000 buyout Kang Yan "mother-child relationship." Recently, the 31-year-old Kang Yan into the Changlang District,http://store.shopping.yahoo.co.jp/spark-inc/kit-55wu-h3c-129.html, Suzhou City Legal Aid Center Advisory reception room, tearful face counsel, fingers constantly Kouzhuo paper cups, telling the seven day period of bitter originator; before is a thumbprint "compounding agreement": Kang Yan Cheng Junsheng voluntary child, until after the full moon, Chengjun Fu Fu Yan Kang 500,000 yuan compensation, promised to treat the child later, Kang Yan leave Suzhou, and to ensure that no longer involved in their lives ...... now, she wanted to return to six year old son.
Female staff fell in love with his boss
Speaking of things from 2002. At that time, a university graduate Kang Yan candidates to Suzhou, a company salesman, because of work, recognizing the company's executives Cheng Jun. Yan Kang said that from the first meeting since doing things steady, gentle Cheng Jun to impress her. Since then, Hong Yan to find something no matter Cheng Jun reporting, in the heart, the pleasure of seeing the back of Cheng Jun is also happy.
Kang Yan Cheng Jun is also beauty and lively personality attracted frequent contacts, the two sparks, finally crossed the bottom line. Kang Yan Cheng Jun a wife know that he acts as a third party, but deep feelings can not extricate themselves.
March 2003, Kang Yanhuai pregnant. Kang Yan said, when she was told the news when Cheng Jun, Cheng Jun is very happy, asked her to give birth, and rented a house, do not want to go to work in Hong Yan domestic tire. Cheng Jun also often came to visit, before loving unabated. Kang Yan immersed in mothers happiness.
CEOs want "belly twins"
Just when Kang Yan wholeheartedly welcome the arrival of the baby,louboutin homme, misfortune will occur. According to Yan Kang recalled, one day, Cheng Jun said to her, he just wanted to "belly twins" never loved Kang Yan. Because his wife is sick, unable to bear children, but he is an only child, the parents of the traditional concept of a strong, he should bear the "heir" of the obligation to do so is also very helpless. He also said that the idea had never divorced, but after Kang Yansheng next child, he will come up with a huge compensation.
This Kang Yan is undoubtedly a thunderbolt. Kang Yan decided that this should not cut off some of the "abnormal feelings", the children run off. However, doctors say,http://morinavi.pref.fukui.jp, because birth approaching, abortion is now too risky and may lead to lifelong infertility, and will endanger the life of the mother.
Kang Yan had the child is born. But Kang Yan always believed that Cheng Jun wife home is intimidated by the forces do not dare to divorce his wife because of family influence greatly to understand his predicament.
500,000 buyout "mother-child relationship."
November 2003, a baby boy at Kang Yansheng, Cheng Jun,http://marvelous21.sakura.ne.jp/enkaijoh/light.cgi?res=8620%22, a happy ear to ear. Let her surprise, the baby during feeding, not just the mother Cheng Jun, Cheng Jun and even the wife to the hospital to participate actively in care. Shortly after the full moon, Cheng Jun Yan Kang came to discuss the issue of compensation agreement, it means that you can give her some money.
Yan Kang crying for a long period of time. Later, she thought, no matter where children live,woolrich sito ufficiale, grow up always recognize the biological mother, but also to get married after their own fertility, and poor economic conditions, if the child first in Cheng Jun there, but also conducive to the child's growth, moreover Cheng Jun does have difficulties, so the requirements agreed Cheng Jun family.
Soon, Kang Fu Chengjun Fu Yan signed an agreement with the child from the custody Chengjun Fu women, and promised to treat children. Cheng Jun, a one-time payment of 500,000 yuan compensation to Yan Kang. Yan Kang after take money to leave within three days of Suzhou, after the two sides do with each other, and cut off the mother-child relationship, the woman can not come to visit children. Breach of contract if the woman returned to double grant, dependent child by the woman ......
Kang Yan took 500,000 yuan in Suzhou reluctant to leave, and went to Guangzhou.
"Unmasked" and her husband divorced
Non-vegetation, Kang Yansi children eager to Guangzhou after signing the agreement less than six months, they have to get her to visit his son Cheng Jun. Cheng Jun refused to agreement.
Kang Yan son's thoughts every day strong,woolrich outlet, heart like a knife scraping, until co-workers and new small summer to get married, only slightly better. But, "belly twins" thing they found was a small summer to maintain a four-year marriage ended. Five years have not seen his son Fu Chengjun Fu Yan Kang To recover his son, suffered another refusal.
In desperation, Yan Kang came to Suzhou City Canglang legal aid centers to seek legal assistance. Suzhou Mingren Law Firm lawyer Wu Xiang column view, parental authority relations between parents and children, and a statutory scope, not with the agreement, that money can exchange and give up, "the woman cut mother-child relationship," undoubtedly valid. In addition,air max pas cher, no direct one of the parents raising children, but also to visit the child's legal rights, so even Chengjun Fu women pay 50 million, but continued to buy a mother's visitation rights. (Text characters are not his real name)
Correspondent Chen Xiaowu
Newspaper reporter at Aviva


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