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標題: but now no one to report
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but now no one to report

Residents of the home can receive cable channels even porn. New Express reporter Wang Xiaoming / photo
Road building near the incident, Xinhua Town of Huadu District, may be due to confusion caused by signal
■ written: Express reporter trainee reporter Chen Haisheng Ruan Jianhua Yang Jun
TV at home actually have a station dedicated to broadcasting pornographic videos? This situation is in the vicinity of Xinhua Town Huadu District Road building tenants in six months has occurred. Many residents expressed concern about the child's physical and mental health. Reporter survey found pornographic videos really comes from a company called "the fat" of the hotel, residents within the surrounding five-meter range can receive the signal. The staff of Huadu District, said the cable, the signal may be due to confusion caused.
Overnight yellow video playback
Mr. Europe due to work in the rental Road building a less than 10 square meters of rental, ten days ago, Mr. Ou and his family while watching TV, the screen suddenly some unsightly picture. "I have no wish to see is a transfer station, are some pornographic videos,http://jibun.atmarkit.co.jp/ljibun01/rensai/eh23/eh01.html, was afraid to see the child in a hurry to change the channel."
Mr. Ou said that the yellow video only picture, no sound, open a big point, only to hear noises, but also a place that night. "In the morning there, before we go to work would like to see the news,http://store.shopping.yahoo.co.jp/topism/s-tops-4-topism.html, for a change to be able to see the channel 0, day to put a dozen." Mr. Europe later learned from neighbors, such a situation has occurred six months, some residents home screen more clearly.
Last night, reporters came to Mr. Ou's home, saw 0 channel is playing fairly explicit sex scenes between men and women,babyliss pro perfect curl, the screen occasionally snow. When the program aired replace the words on the screen will show the DVD.
Child health concerns
Mr. Ou said, usually together with his wife, to see this film will not be too concerned about, "but the child was old, if you see him, and will affect the physical and mental health." In order to let his son see these screens, Europe Mr. couple will go to work after the TV remote control to hide and put the TV into the heights. Mr Au said, today's children early, early information will be receiving some yellow, if you see so sexually explicit images, it is prone to evil.
Yesterday afternoon, the reporter in an interview that some residents have expressed concern. "We are afraid to watch TV at night, even if the children can not watch a person to see." Neighborhood Liu said that although the child had teens, but in order to let him grow up healthily,Chaussures louboutin, he also does not allow children early exposure to these things .
Parents hide the remote control, after all,http://macosx.cocolog-nifty.com, not a surefire plan, nearby residents hoped to identify the source, stop playing.
The hotel is suspected to play outgoing
Mr. Au said that this is the case he has been puzzled. "We see that the cable, there is only one line of how such a situation? And these pornographic videos and play as normal programs, but we have received are 0 channel."
Because of the strict control of the adult programs, such a signal can not be derived from the cable, these signals come from? Road construction in many small hotels, the residents said, after making inquiries they learned that residents within a five-meter-wide hotel can receive such signals.
Yesterday afternoon, the reporter in the vicinity of Mr. Europe home a small supermarket, a TV channel when the channel is adjusted to 0, there have been explicit sex scenes between men and women. Neighbors said, the picture signal is transmitted from the hotel out. "My friend was in that hotel, played mahjong, then put the TV in such content."
Reporter survey
The hotel is indeed playing pornographic videos
Mr. Au received neighborhood complaints, etc., on the last night correspondents "in the hair" guesthouse carried out unannounced visits. The hotel offers a chess and accommodation in pay 200 yuan deposit, the hotel staff opened a large room,louboutin pas cher, which is divided into three parts, the anterior chamber is an automatic mahjong machine, placed in the middle of two beds,karen millen outlet, is behind the bathroom.
Turn on the TV room,http://store.shopping.yahoo.co.jp/brandcouture/ap-5844.html, in the Channel 1 and Channel 7 being placed pornographic videos,http://store.shopping.yahoo.co.jp/gion/638-342.html, the picture and sound are very clear. "This is our hotel with the DVD release, and if you do not like the other stations can change." The hotel staff said that only the tenant will have such "treatment",louboutin pas cher, and indeed through the night to play.
To confirm these hotels playing pornographic videos and residents of the home received whether as reporters after the two-pronged, observed a consistent picture signal playback picture hotel and residents received only residents received the picture a little fuzzy. The hotel is also known as a waiter,http://www.tfc-charts2.w2d.com/forum/index.cgi, before he had the neighborhood to reflect such a situation, he does not know why the signal will be transmitted out. "May be a line problem, but also can receive the TV signal does not have many."
Lawyers say
Severe behavioral or held criminally liable
Zhu Yongping,http://store.shopping.yahoo.co.jp/ebest-dvd/0000000626333.html, Guangdong Datong Law Firm lawyers said that if this is verified at the hotel is that the hotel has constituted player, dissemination of pornographic videos behavior, can be held responsible person liability order punishment in accordance with the relevant security regulations, shall be punished by a fine of 10 000 to $ 2 million, and the persons responsible for a penalty of administrative detention for 15 days.
Zhu Yongping lawyer said pornographic videos has spread to surrounding residents, resulting in a relatively bad social influence, according to the public security organs adverse effects, be held responsible persons responsible.
Reason tracing
Suspect due to the chaotic signal
Subsequently, the reporter consulted a staff member cable Huadu District. He said cable television signal transmission through the distributor to the individual user, the distributor has two jacks, one for input and one output port. Output statement users to watch regular TV signal input port is used to transfer the TV signal. If there are other sources connected to the wrong input in the power range of the dispenser,http://narcissu.doorblog.jp/archives/24276046.html, it is possible to transmit other signals to others.
The staff said that if guesthouses pornographic videos while playing a DVD drive, the data cable into the signal input port of the distributor, the reverse transmission signal may occur, resulting in signal confusion. The hotel's DVD drive signal to be supplied to all rooms, so that the power source should be very strong, but by the distributor within a certain range of low transmission channel, so users will be able to receive some of the surrounding obtain a signal emitted by DVD drive. "We have dealt with a similar situation, but now no one to report, we are also difficult to control." The staff said:. "In addition to cut off the signal, the alarm is"


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