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標題: in part by three additional increase Dehua associates share.
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in part by three additional increase Dehua associates share.

Lin Liang Chen Wenliang Chen Jiayu Standard
WASHINGTON driving motorized street robbery baby case disturb public security minister. Fujian and Hunan provinces police acting together in Dehua cracked portion from Governor King this child trafficking case. Yesterday,ralph lauren soldes, two infants were rescued, along with five male and female suspects, was handed Hunan police.
Yesterday, led to Fujian to the detection of Yueyang in Hunan Public Security Bureau Deputy Director Lin,babyliss curl pas cher, describes the detection of cases the situation. Since September last year, Yueyang Tower district has four cases occurred in infants disappearance, robbery infant boy girl there. According to the police reflect the situation that, for the two men who robbed infant,, riding a red motorcycle with them,babyliss curl pas cher,, using the trailing holding the child's parents and other methods to forcibly snatch at a remote place, or dive into the neighborhood, is not prepared to take advantage of people baby stolen.
Cases have occurred,, causing the police at all levels attach great importance. Last October,, State Councilor and Minister of Public Security Meng Jianzhu given instructions to solve the case as soon as possible, rescue abducted infants. The case was then Ministry of Public Security as the Governor cases.
January 7 this year, Hunan police through the investigation, the suspect locked lurking Fujian Dehua, then contact the police and the province. 8 provinces police launched rescue operations to solve the case. At night, the police action to encircle Dehua Chengguan 2nd Floor South Gate a food market rent, Dehua nationals suspect Liu Moufu on rent here. Burst into the rent,Hollister Paris,, a woman embrace a baby girl, the investigation is in Hunan robbed four-month-old baby girl Hong Xiaomei (a pseudonym), together with Liu Moufu,, three women and two men a total of five suspects were all arrested.
Situ trial was also informed that, after a 3-year-old boy Liumou Yu,, has been sold to Germany and Hama Street, a couple. Action police immediately rushed to the residence buyers will Liumou Yu rescued.
After investigation, the suspects have 2 Yunnan Women: 27-year-old and 25-year-old will Sumou Zhang Mouying. Sumou will account for her brother Su Mouming together with another man (after the two men had been arrested in Hunan), responsible for riding a motorcycle without a license robbery infants,, after she and Zhang Mouying handed to the identity of the mother and aunt the infant sold. Every boy actually sell 25,000 yuan,louboutin pas cher, two girls sell 1 million, in part by three additional increase Dehua associates share.
Yesterday afternoon, two infants and five suspects were transferred to Hunan process, has been sold to Guangdong and a woman being rescued in two infants.


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