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標題: one ear was burned
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one ear was burned

Zhou Yan was burned before and after contrast (images from families microblogging).
24, a "net exposure of Anhui 'official second generation' of tyranny and love not the girl disfigured" microblogging crazy pass on the network. The micro-Bo said Zhou Yan Tao Rukun not because of the pursuit of the girl, which was badly burnt. Reporters on the 24th to contact the families of the victims of Zhou Yan and attorney Li Zhixian. Li Zhixian said that the current Tao Rukun still detained, 22 afternoon,,Hollister France, local police have Zhou Yan injury were identified.
Video: 17-year-old girl wearing a mask complaint about the whole story is the source of the boys burn 90: Anhui TV
Bloggers talk
Called "one ear was burned,,ralph lauren soldes."
According Posted by "quack egg Anhui Hefei," he said happened around at 18:00 on September 17, 2011,, due to the pursuit of the perpetrators Tao Rukun girls Zhou Yan not,louboutin soldes, break into their homes, while Zhou Yan is not prepared to come up with ready the lighter fluid poured into the victim's head and lit, and kept shouting: "! Go to hell," Zhou Yan wailing screams in pain. Family heard about, put the fire out with the quilt, alarm and call 120 for rescue. Zhou Yan-saving treatment after 7 days and 7 nights out of danger, the injury is very serious, one ear was burned, severely burned the head and face, neck, chest, etc., burns covering more than 30%, the extent of second degree burns, tris degrees, the whole people beyond recognition.
She saw in the mirror after crying
Another blogger named "Hefei ten thousand Hotline" is a detailed account of the causes of this tragedy. The blogger said that Lee was informed from the Zhou Yan mother (microblogging), Zhou Yan 17 years old this year, finished only happened last year just over 16 birthday soon. Zhou Yan Tao Rukun and perpetrators of a similar age. Two people with junior secondary schools in Shouchun, the same school in different classes. In order to avoid the pursuit of Tao Rukun, September 2010 Ms. Lee will transfer her daughter to pick the town high school, but failed to stop the Tao Rukun harassment. In order to avoid him, Zhou Yan also once stayed at home. September 2011,polo ralph lauren, Zhou Yan back to school, but less than a month to tragedy.
Ms. Lee said,, Zhou Yan used to be very optimistic and cheerful girl, and now she lost hope in life, we often see in the mirror after the cry incessantly. She saw her daughter so that parents are very distressed, but no money for her plastic surgery, and no money to go to court litigation. In the desperate situation of the family before choosing the Internet for help.
The families of the perpetrators to stop paying for medical expenses
Ms. Lee said that the cost of her daughter began hospitalization by Tao Rukun parents advance,, and since Zhou Yan Tao Rukun family refused bail request, Tao Rukun the parents stop paying medical expenses. Currently Zhou Yan's hospitalization and treatment spent a total of over 40 million yuan, Tao Rukun parents advance of 33 million, still owes the hospital more than 10 million. In desperation, Ms. Lee can only take her daughter out of the hospital. They hope that the relevant departments as soon as possible Investigating the case, make the case into the judicial process as soon as possible, let the children get proper treatment costs continue treatment.
Reporter survey
Injury identification results week after publication
Reporter telephone interview with the 24th party Zhou Yan aunt,, she confirmed,, "Hefei ten thousand Hotline" bloggers is to talk truth to reporters.
Zhou Yan attorney - Anhui Golden Pacific law firm Li Zhixian said that the victim's parents were factory workers, unable to pay legal fees, for which the local Bureau of Justice applied for legal aid, they have been designated agent of this case. Li lawyers said Zhou Yan injury is very serious, more than two months after the injured out of danger into the general ward, before the police had sent forensic Zhou Yan check that the forensic Zhou Yan neck need for skin grafting to do injury identification. Lee said the lawyer, the injured party has been calling for the injury done to identify as quickly as possible, because there is no injury identification,, the case has been hovering in the investigation stage, unable to enter the stage of the proceedings. Currently perpetrators Tao Rukun has been in custody for five months. Under the current law, a suspect can only be detained in custody seven months, if not yet entered the stage of the proceedings, the public security organs must change the coercive measures, Tao Rukun is likely to be released on bail.
Mr. Lee confirmed that Zhou Yan was recently done injury identification,karen millen dress, the results will be announced a week later, then you can enter the court proceedings in litigation.
According to "Yangcheng Evening News"
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