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標題: and plans in the city of Zhengzhou and the shop
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and plans in the city of Zhengzhou and the shop

BEIJING, September 4 electric Ruzhou (HU Movies Liwei Heng) a quiet city girl difficult and ferocious wild boar together, however, the female Student Village in Henan Province Ruzhou Yang Louzhen launching Yuan Peng Peng Village it marked the dealings with wild boar,Wang Ling also promoted to director of sales jobs, two years, she led us to embark on a rich way.
Yesterday morning, reporters in the North Ruhe beach Young Louzhen water village, saw the 27-year-old village official. That reporters had come, she happily talk in their own entrepreneurial path.
Three years ago, she came to launching any of the Student Village village, find here the masses lack rich projects, life is not rich, she is determined for the masses to find a road to riches. After working for some time in the village,but later, she took a fancy to water plump North Ru flood, found wild boar breeding is a good project,confirmed that Tang is the child's biological father., determined to do something incredible here. She talked to folks with her thoughts, family and many villagers are worried too risky, dare to try. Yuan Peng Peng will tell parents the benefits of wild boar, special wild boar meat is tender crisp, rich game, lean meat percentage high, low fat content (only 50% of pigs), nutrient-rich, containing a variety of amino acids and trace elements, linoleic acid content higher than 2.5 times larger than a pig ...... hog prices 16 yuan, nearly three times the ordinary pork per 500 grams.
Parents see her very convincing, sentence reasonable, and finally nodded her mind. Support of his family, she is determined to do a wild boar farm, for the villagers wade out a way to get rich. Went ahead,scarpe mbt outlet, in April 2008,his side does not have a fami, Yuan Peng Peng contracted 100 acres of wasteland do plant,the best way to prevent being taken is to put aside petty ideas. There is no free lunch under the sun, also contracted 40 acres of wasteland planting alfalfa, one of their own to study Tongbaishan Wangwushan and wild boar breeding project, spent $ 0.5 million to repurchase 10 groups of 55 pigs help, his family and friends the next,V6epNB7vHO, after more than four months of hard work, investment of more than 2.8 million farms was finally completed. Then she invited the art field and from feeding these wild boar, wild boar to explore the living habits, she stirred with art feed together,polo ralph lauren, stay in the factory to observe the law of life boar. After eight months of hard work, finally sow gave birth to the first litter little piglets,Chaussures louboutin, just exactly like watching a squirrel coat little piglets,kitchen knife cut in the left side of the head Qin Zude. Immediately, she laughed. Four months later, the body of a small piglet skin discoloration over, drive a group of cute little wild boar, enjoying a run in the vast flood, fatigue and past grievances suddenly disappeared.
Yuan Peng Peng told reporters she recently went to Hebei Zhuozhou pig learning technology,Not long ago, and the introduction of 50 high-quality pigs, and now her farm has grown to 500 bulls. August 19,louboutin soldes, she was in Ruzhou Chaoyang Road business district opened a wild boar's restaurants, taste delicious, nutritious, with health effects of self-cultivation wild boar suddenly attracted many diners, the daily turnover of up to 3000 yuan , ordering the phone after another, the market prospects are very impressive. Yuan Peng Peng said that in future she wants "company plus farmers" mode of development of wild boar breeding, free for the masses to provide technical services and sales, to reassure everyone to make money, and plans in the city of Zhengzhou and the shop,babyliss curl pas cher, so that more people eat delicious wild boar, to realize their dreams. Finish


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