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Morning News yesterday morning Gulou District Urban Management law enforcement unit Ninghai squadron of law enforcement officers received reports that some people saw the tree in West Beijing.
Pasture near the Beijing West Gate Square,LpVP3Qa7xt, law enforcement officers found the scene saw the tree. A parasol trees have three branches, one of the most south trunk diameter of about 10 cm brutally, "amputation", the crown trunk is trimmed in an instant, leaving only bare trunks. Scene leaves and branches scattered on the ground, there is an ongoing clean-up workers. After law enforcement officers asked that they should be in front of the tree before pruning requires tenants Wangmou trees.
Beijing West Road on both sides of the road were planted two rows of plane trees, mostly above 20 years of age, growing lush,scarpe hogan outlet, tree-lined summer,veste canada goose, Nanjing is a beautiful landscape. The tree trunk was sawed off just in front of Wangmou home,air max pas cher, because the trees grow very dense, by a diameter of about 10 cm on the south side of the trunk extends directly on the roof of his house,jMsIWPxj50, on a windy rains branches often hit the tiles,p907RCFvCC,parajumpers france, causing part of the roof leaks, and now it is the autumn season, sycamore leaves all fall on the roof, rotting,scrape hogan, so he intends to trunk on the roof of his house amputated, to protect the safety of the roof.
Law enforcement officers immediately let Wangmou show approval procedures related to pruning trees Wangmou suddenly blindsided. It turned out he did not go on for approval without pruning. Because trim Wangmou behavior has been implemented,MVvL9UDUXc, the damage has been caused to the trees, and law enforcement officials immediately notified the landscaping department to the scene to conduct a field survey. Garden supervisory staff came to the scene to damage trees were identified and issued the "appraisal report." Garden supervisory staff, said the tree trunk diameter of 40 centimeters, about 20 years old, the whole tree is worth about 8334 yuan, a trunk trim, trees damaged up to 30%, it follows the loss value of 2,The Top 10 Best Ever Marriage,500 yuan. According to law enforcement officers identified losses garden department given to the parties Wangmou fines. Wangmou learned that he violated the regulations, too,dJ6tuy4RT8, regret, according to the relevant penalty procedures initiative yesterday afternoon to pay the fine.
In accordance with the provisions of Article XVIII "Nanjing city greening regulations," the city of trees, regardless of their ownership,4OH9d8zIdU, and no unit or individual shall not be felled, and transplanted a large trim. Felling really necessary, transplants and large pruning,SuI6yonqt1, must be approved by the administrative department of city greening, relevant procedures.
Author: Xu Long XIE Chao Chou Huidong / Source: Nanjing Morning News


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