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標題: customers in the second decoration
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customers in the second decoration

Tigers reporter Ren Jie Han text /
Recently, the reporter received a complaint that the auto city in northern Anhui Mengcheng County more than 200 sets of three pavement, all the little flight of stairs. Subsequently,mbt outlet, the reporter interviewed found that 2-3 floor no stairs almost all paved. During the interview, the developers say: This is to prevent people to buy a waste of resources caused by a number, saying that will make up the steel stairs.
Visit: more than 200 sets of all of this, Wohuo
Mengcheng county in Northern Auto Parts City, located south of New, Chen is one of the owners. In 2009, he and developers Anhui people and Properties Ltd. signed a purchase contract, and in 2010 to settle more than 70 million housing fund. In November this year, Chen Shou Fang to open the door, down the deepest stairs going up, you can go to the second floor, the stairs coming to an end! Beyond the third floor direction, it is a big empty hole!
"Has only three paved stairs to the second floor? We fly up to getting it?!" Chen shouted angrily, he also looked for developers,Dressed generous man, available to answer is "there never was a staircase" the answer would make his gratification.
24 am, the reporter walked into the Auto Parts City, to see where shops have been completed, many businesses are being renovated. The reporter then went into a shop, the deepest in the construction of the ground floor is good stairs, reporters found along it go up the stairs to the second floor only really, go down to the third floor, the only one on the head,babyliss curl secret, like huge patio hole. Owners told reporters that this is reserved for the stairs.
Owner Wang told reporters angrily,the Haidian Court has rejected the oldfashioned farming company claims, and now he can only contact the project team to help him and then fill the rest of the stairs, "2-3 floor a flight of stairs to have 4000 dollars, on the one hand the money to the developers will not give, and then one time delay also delay effort. "Pharaoh said, because opening soon,mbt outlet, so he can not be a delay with the developers,When police arrived on the scene, who can only find his own stamp stairs.
Subsequently, the reporter walked into more than a dozen other coverings, seen things most of the case. During the interview, an on-site renovation worker told reporters, here,erroneous English characters on the list, more than 200 sets of tiles, all small flight of stairs.
Developer: do not build stairs to save, will make up
With questions,karen millen outlet, the reporter came to the door of the auto city sales center. A staff member said: "We would have no design drawings of the stairs, you see a staircase to the second floor,February 17 at noon in Fengxiang Road, we also sent regards further on the stairs, a cover himself on the line can not spend much. money, again, this is normal, not a lot of shops are not covered stairs Well, it's nothing. "
And, "We do not cover the stairs, but also to the owners save money." In this regard, the owners not angry Pharaoh: "?! I do not own stamp money yet this is simply unreasonable thing."
Subsequently, the reporter found that the developer of Auto Parts City, Anhui people and Properties Limited manager Wang Shuguang. He said: "A lot of places are also two to the third floor no stairs, mainly to prevent some owners look to buy two or three connected sets, each staircase are covered, we will be a waste of resources and is in accordance with the construction drawings,louboutin pas cher, through the trial. Figure conference identified. this is also in accordance with market needs, to meet customers maximize the use of space. "adding that, this way, customers in the second decoration, second and third floors for indoor stairs to do, and for whom the cost of installation bear, Mr. Wang did not stand.
27 afternoon, the reporter again contacted Mr. Wang,Shanghai subway line like dragon, ask questions about the make up stairs. He said that due to relatively strong parties to respond, the company promised will be free to owners of custom steel staircase, "We have just ended the statistics are being commissioned, the company produced."
Construction: Who will bear the costs stairs unclear
Subsequently, the reporter interviewed a person in charge of Mengcheng County Construction Committee for Quality Supervision Station. He responded by saying: this is not the building with stairs,attempted 996 000 Yu Yuan., do the stairs to the second decoration, drawing is so agreed.
And a horse named engineer Construction Committee,there are three hundred people to provide their contact details, said before she saw the drawings, design drawings only staircase entrance, no stairs. "You can determine, through drawings are drawings by the review body, this material is that the latter will be stamped staircase costs borne by the Party." As to who is Party, Ma engineer is not clear, said only the relevant departments monitoring unit being arranged to conduct field investigations.
Yesterday afternoon, many owners phone call, the phone still worried about the problem of the stairs. "We bought this shop is for business, and we all hope for an early opening, but this is a matter, and will definitely delay the opening. You said it was to buy a house to buy a sweet." And they just want developers to quickly put the stairs install.
Newspaper will continue to focus on.
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