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標題: the idea began to maintain a loan shark in the community.
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the idea began to maintain a loan shark in the community.

Hao Xiaoyi Photo by high-tech Procuratorate trial
Smooth borrow usury, the name of his company's name with fraudulent housing all warrants; after the money arrived, but he was not used to repay the company for personal debt until the creditors to force the door, only to find that more than 900,000 have come to nothing ...... the loan shark who 72-year-old, named Hao Xiaoyi, is an environmentally friendly company's legal representative. Yesterday,babyliss curl pas cher, the high court heard the case publicly.
The prosecution alleged: Office of false fraud 924 000
Yesterday was the high court on the case of the third trial, the prosecutor's indictment states that the legal representative of Sichuan Jie Hao Xiaoyi is that the environmental protection industry group of companies. December 31, 2008, Hao Xiaoyi fabricate false reasons to purchase production equipment, use of forged Czech Sichuan Environmental Protection Industry Group Co., Ltd. The company's housing all the warrants, Chengdu Construction Engineering Environmental technology company-owned land use right certificate as collateral, Zhang defraud victims a 900,000 yuan. Last January 25, Hao Xiaoyi again in need of bank loans by RBI relations, defrauding 24,It is understood that,000 yuan from Zhang Department.
Later,It is in this old house collapsed in the lottery station, Zhang Hao Xiaoyi looking repay,louboutin soldes, Hao Xiaoyi nothing not yet. In mid-February last year, Zhang to real estate trading center to investigate the case of real estate license Hao Xiaoyi,and Lee intimidation., the property has been seized Hao three courts,and therefore, real estate license is a fake, and later checked Homeland certificate is false. Thus,ralph lauren soldes, Zhang called the police. Last June 23, the high-tech public security Hao Xiaoyi been under criminal detention. The next day,karen millen sale, he was released on bail.
Hao Xiaoyi prosecution that the accused of illegal possession for the purpose of fabricating false reasons, the use of forged official documents, defrauding others refused to return the 924,000 yuan, his behavior constituted fraud.
The defendant had been in college studying EMBA
Black-rimmed glasses, a white shirt, gray pants ...... 72-year-old Hao Xiaoyi standing on the court slightly old state. Face of the prosecutor's allegations, Hao Xiaoyi argued that in recent years the company at a loss. Since the bank to borrow money,the husband left the huff., the idea began to maintain a loan shark in the community.
After more than one hour of the trial, the presiding judge on the case orally sentencing. The court held that Hao Xiaoyi behavior has constituted the crime of contract fraud and sentenced to ten years imprisonment for six months and fined 100,000 yuan. After the sentencing judge, the police scene took Hao Xiaoyi. "I am innocent, I want to appeal." Hao Xiaoyi said.
"We are sorry for him." After the trial, in which a 60-year-old Ms. anonymity, said with her to hear the trial of four people, they are Hao Xiaoyi friends. The lady said, Hao Xiaoyi was a top student in chemical engineering, but not good for business company, will inadvertently, astray.
According to public information display, Hao Xiaoyi the China National Institute of Environmental Science Council members, with four individual invention patents, utility model patents nine, repeatedly appeared in the "national outstanding private entrepreneurs list." In 2006, Hao Xiaoyi into the Southwest University of Finance to study EMBA (senior management MBA),karen millen sale, graduated in 2009,qRDjcR7ek9, Southwestern University of Finance Hao Xiaoyi become by far the most senior EMBA students. High-tech detection reporter Zheng Yu Fei
Synchronous broadcast
Beware of people posing as judge deception
(Reporter Dong Xin) reporter was informed yesterday, the high-tech district court received more than mass public telephone verification calls,she attended the village committee director when elections take clothes home, the hospital found that criminals posing as the identity of the judge to commit fraud, ask for "handling fee." This is the hospital again this year criminals found fraudulent use of the name of the hospital telephone fraud judges of implementation. In March this year, criminals have all kinds of excuses,Southern News reporter once fertile army in July last year, blackmail victims of the masses on the phone a certain amount of money to go to their designated bank account. The Court has reported on the situation and remind the general public to guard against being cheated.


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