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標題: 13 were students.
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13 were students.

Defendant sign the court record. Yesterday,which also includes alcohol and tobacco., "MM apartment" because a member to upload pornographic videos in the courts for trial. Beijing News reporter Wang Guibin photo
Original title: porn sites seeking a trial membership "Do not exposure"
The Beijing News (Reporter Chen Po) yesterday, in large Chinese pornographic websites "MM Apartment" pornographic video transmission member Wang Fei (a pseudonym), on suspicion of the crime of dissemination of pornographic material in the Chaoyang Court for trial.
Recently, the Ministry of Public Security under the unified arrangements, many domestic cooperative police dismantled the server set up in the United States, millions of registered users worldwide King Chinese pornographic websites "MM Apartment" control 2148 suspects, including Beijing police control 77 people (newspaper has reported August 14).
"Biography porn" almost lost work
Yesterday morning, Chaoyang Court Criminal Division.
Wang Fei accused was released on bail wearing a green T-shirt, came to court alone.
Because it involves "MM Apartment" case, many of the media to attend court.
"Please do not disclose my personal information will you? Do not take my picture in the papers." Saw media reporters, which makes Wang Fei very nervous, repeated requests not want to be exposed.
Wang Fei said that he in a logistics company to work after the accident managed to keep their jobs. Up to now, only the unit leaders know what he was suspected of a crime, even colleagues are unaware of.
"Great harm these pornographic video in the future I will not touch them up." Fei spoke, with his hands to his eyes.
I hope the judge sentenced to probation
When the trial began, the prosecution alleged, since 2010, in exchange for points and Wang Fei "MM apartment" dissemination of pornographic video site,bracciale tiffany, click rate of 21145 times. In May this year, Wang Fei is controlled by the police.
The prosecution believes that Wang Fei alleged acts of dissemination of pornographic material.
Listening to the prosecutor read the facts alleged, Wang Fei has no objection, his hands between my legs and kept rubbing.
Wang Fei confession, when he was accidentally browsing the Internet to "MM apartment" web site, upload pornographic videos are also involved previously downloaded from the "MM apartment", upload it to the site can be more in exchange for some points in order to obtain greater the visibility and scope.
"I do not know the video was uploaded yellow crime,karen millen sale, until they were arrested I did not realize the serious consequences." Wang Fei expressed repentance, "I regret dead, I hope the judge for a lighter penalty, sentenced me probation."
The court is not in court for sentencing,Zhang Wenmei Ning Yongfeng dial phone.
■ Background
"MM Apartment" case involved 13 students
It is understood that Chinese pornographic websites "MM apartment" server in the United States, established in January 2009, consists of 11 sections total, 78 sub-sectors, the number of posts, more than 800 million pieces except for a few casual segments, posting obscene 90% sexual content, with pictures,before sent to excessive bleeding. Subsequently, text and video based, global number of registered members up to a million or more.
Earlier this year, a mother who lives in Chaoyang District of Beijing to the Beijing police for help: her son, the third year is often the "MM Apartment" pornographic websites,magasin hollister,indicating that the magnitude of the arch outward facade getting bigger.", a decrease of performance.
According to reports, "MM Apartment" to enter the line of sight of the public security organs, due to a mother's help. May 26,this possibility is not great, at the Ministry of Public Security under the unified, Beijing,Bi brothers also delay can not get., Guangzhou,Dazhong please thank them for me,hollister soldes, Hunan, Shandong,louboutin soldes, Zhejiang and other country's 30 local public security organs "MM apartment" Internet pornography project involved to carry out arrests, 2148 were controlled.
Beijing police, the Beijing police control 77 individuals all male,the suspect fled the identity has been confirmed that the hunting is still ongoing., 18 years of age there are two people, 30 years of age accounted for more than 70% of employees of enterprises and institutions, government departments of civil servants for 34 people, 13 were students.
"MM Apartment" hierarchical mode
Junior surfers
Only a "tourist" status porn in common area
Get extra points rewarded or paid by the amount of post messages and upload pictures
See "MM Apartment" Web site "fine pictures and video."
Continue to post messages and upload pictures to get a status symbol by adding bonus points "medal"
A plurality of zones in charge of "MM apartment" site Liangtu zones, visit pornographic pictures, free watch pornographic videos, the picture area to post, delete posts, points and other rights for members hair


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