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標題: she served as tutors and buyers to the previous year unemployment so far
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she served as tutors and buyers to the previous year unemployment so far

BEIJING, January 12, according to Hong Kong's "Ming Pao" report, had studied in the United States of a Hong Kong woman, suffering from impulse control disorder,louboutin femme, even if six million yuan in debt debt hurt the family still unbearable impulse shopping, more 2 years ago rich woman posing long-term stay at the 5-star hotel,roshe run pas cher, defrauded Fa Langnv apprentice a 728,000 yuan to pay the rent and the number of cards.
The woman admitted on the 11th in the District Court of fraud, obtaining property by deception and other 24 charges, remanded 25th of this month sentence.
Graduated Belilios Public School,the same day consumes 90 008 thousand dollars. In addition, and later at the University of California at Los Angeles (UCLA) Department of Economics, but dropped out to attend the unemployed defendant Yang Weiwei (31 years old), remand while awaiting the spirit of community service orders and probation reports before sentencing.
The court noted that the incident Yang check 5 star Mandarin Oriental Hotel Lan Kwai Fong Hotel Lan Kwai Fong She is also a well-known salon regulars, often pay large tip,high fever 41 ℃, and Wu female apprentice and thus differs from has been named boyfriend salon working to form a friend, later realized that Wu's parents in Wu Jieshao under.
In March 2008, Yang falsely invited Wu to Taiwan as an assistant for business, but to help apply for entry permit to Taiwan by Wu asked her to hand over the ATM card, passwords and credit card for deposit,[/url], according to her mother Wu instructions, has the 62,500 yuan deposit accounts, credit cards again handed over seven Yang, Yang later and then instruct parents sign Wu hotel payment form, but also according to the instructions of Wu's boyfriend, the 120,000 yuan into the Wu's account.
Later the mother Wu Yang said the company cash flow problems of her husband, Yang said lendable 4 million yuan loan, but asked her to provide margin, the couple has put 251,000 yuan and 20 did not look up to check Yang, and signed and a photocopy of identity card on more than one unknown file, then start the batch file is found Lane Crawford department store payment license form.
Wu Yang mother next month discovered unauthorized credit card to pay hotel charges, a large number of mergers and acquisitions under Crawford coupons,
once verified, and shopping in a clothing store. After repeated request,there was not a knife underworld came to repentance. Chen Dahui added, Yang small portion of the 49,piumini woolrich,000 yuan a refund, still owed a large number of the card number, then alarm Wu mother,or escape into the room., Yang confessed everything under caution are fictitious, saying on several occasions in Wu Account mention paragraph.
During the investigation, the hotel doorman also testified that during the incident,, according to Yang repeatedly instructed dealings even Ka Foti take vouchers and goods, some of the goods referred to Wu mother, Crawford Yang also confirmed by mail order shopping.
The defense pointed out that pleading,veste canada goose, Yang moved to Hong Kong from Fujian childhood, outstanding academic achievement, studying in the US in 1998, enrolled in UCLA, during which the risk of impulse control disorder, for shopping and made it difficult,, to please her boyfriend even more shopping spree caused less numerous debt,[url=]doudoune moncler pas cher, while debt while still ho flowers, which ultimately caused the bankruptcy ended. In 2000 Yang disorder drop out due to return to Hong Kong, she served as tutors and buyers to the previous year unemployment so far, unable to compensate.
Yang noted that the sick daughter, Mary, who took her to the psychiatric hospital for treatment, but Yang is to conceal the truth, refused to follow-up care treatment, she had incident donation items to Wu, Wu and substituting partial payment.


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