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looked calm man wearing a hat

Video loading, please wait ... AutoPlay & nbsp; to open the safety door forwards backwards yesterday, a man in Xiamen Airlines MF8453 before departure opened the security door play male passenger aircraft.
Southern News reporter Wu Xuefeng yesterday, a man opened the safe door before MF8453 Xiamen Airlines flight, said just breathe, was friends photographed sparked heated debate. Xiamen Airlines aspect told reporters the South,air max 90 pas cher, the first time after the incident did not appear to deal with the man, with passengers is confirmed, the man stops in Changsha nowadays the plane. Some Internet users admit to pull off the safety door, the results fined 92,000 yuan. In this regard, Xiamen Airlines and other aspects of press has not been informed of subsequent processing.
Yesterday 14:57 Xu, @ best friends boyfriend micro-Bo broke the news: "aircraft sat for so many years, first met the man put up a safe exit open (flight number M & nbsp; F8453), I hope not too late for a long time. "he also tells the micro-channel circle of friends," the stewardess asked why he was fiddle with a wrench? he said I open the window! you do not have flown, do not impatient hands thing. "Weibo accumulated before being forwarded to remove nearly 2,400 times .
Distribution map shows that someone's Flight 52 left position there after "export" the words, security door open, looked calm man wearing a hat, a side wing and the ground could see the silver trailer. Subsequently, the blue man head out the door safety crew to handle. Xiamen Airlines incident M & nbsp; F8453 flights from Hangzhou to Chengdu via Changsha, the Southern Reporter yesterday from Xiamen Airlines headquarters,http://eye.catfood.jp/kousin5/apeboard_plus.cgi?command=read_message&msgnum=40/?Kenapa/, Hangzhou Airport, Changsha airport were confirmed this.
"Thai embarrassing reality version of ah!" Some netizens Tucao, "You, you, I opened the window to get some fresh air." In this regard, Baidu "air disaster" it netizen "xxx1294310898" admit "that I pulled, a nine 12,000. "Sign @ big trouble trouble trouble trouble trouble also said," listen to a Sichuan Airlines flight attendants said that the safety slide open for no reason is illegal, a sum of more than 200,http://store.shopping.yahoo.co.jp/ebest-dvd/0000001101806.html,000, but also detention, is not it? "Xiamen Airlines aspects yesterday afternoon, told reporters the South,piumini woolrich,http://cutyayu.sakura.ne.jp/cabbs/sunbbs.cgi?mode=form&no=111&page=1payon, the incident Xiaoshan airport in Hangzhou aware of this, but it was not dealt with.
Xiaoshan Airport Xiamen Airlines counter told reporters the South,http://baby.jiaonan.net/home.php?mod=space&uid=1790679, 14 am yesterday, after removing the passenger security doors, emergency flight crew repaired and punctual take-off, landing at 16:43 in Changsha, 17:39 departure to Chengdu,http://store.shopping.yahoo.co.jp/brandcouture/d-5183.html, 19:21 points ahead of landing.
@ Best boyfriend later landed safely in Chengdu, told reporters the south are,http://dominique.gauthier.vetosteo.eu/spip.php?article2, someone's nearly 50-year-old man, sitting in the middle left side of the airplane by the wing, open the rear door on the passenger safety surprised why their chaotic operation, after the crew over, men say they want to open the window ventilation. "Nothing in particular the reaction of passengers, the crew immediately repaired and the safety door closed,http://store.shopping.yahoo.co.jp/ebest-dvd/0000000916789.html, and gave the man for the position, he was afraid of misuse again, the incident aircraft punctual take-off."
@ Best boyfriend said, someone's man in Changsha, got off the plane, he was unaware of the specific penalty or not. Or will compensate for the nearly 10 million rumors, Changsha airport police station, said the staff did not understand,canada goose femme, but the south are reporters confirmed that the general would indeed be a problem with the airline relates to financial compensation. At press time, Xiamen Airlines aspects not inform the matter.
[Tip] deliberately touches on machine safety system illegal
December 14, 2013,canada goose pas cher, a man riding a Sichuan Airlines flights from Chongqing to Beijing after the plane landed stop, get out to the plane, the result of unauthorized opening the safety door, causing the balloon to escape slides open. Subsequently, the airport police under the provisions of the first paragraph of Article 34, "Security Administration Punishment Law",http://store.shopping.yahoo.co.jp/ebest-dvd/0000000738307.html, on suspicion of damage to mobile aviation facilities Pingmou shall be given administrative punishment detained for 15 days.
August 2012, Guangzhou flight delays due to thunderstorms occur, a man refused to claim compensation after opening the safety door,doudoune canada goose, causing flight delays for 1 hour. Airport public security was also said that passengers who wish to touch the safety and flight delays or damage to equipment, in accordance with relevant laws and regulations will be accountable.


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