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November 24, Zhengzhou city government held a mobilization meeting, announced the launch of Zhengzhou City traffic order comprehensive improvement "Days of Action." "Days of Action" will be a non-motor vehicle drivers and pedestrians relentless pursuit of traffic violations, thorough investigation of its various traffic violations.
Yesterday, the streets of Zhengzhou traffic police department to investigate the non-motor vehicle drivers and pedestrians traffic violations,d26Xa7675d,hogan rebel, traffic was stopped illegal workers, some admit a positive attitude, to pay the fine,piumini moncler, but there are a lot of people do not understand.
Traffic offense penalty,VtRN8c6fVf, she said, "Stop it."
"You're kidding,louboutin pas cher, I was so eager to go to work!" Yesterday, 8:00, nearby Erqi Road and Taikang Road intersection, a ride in an electric car motor vehicle lane with the girl was four teams Zhengzhou City Patrol police stopped, I heard that to a fine of 50 yuan, the girl thought it was a joke,8iVzqImjXQ, he kept saying:. "you're kidding, really, I beg you kidding"
"Non-motorized vehicles to go motorized vehicles, pedestrians 'crossing the road of Chinese-style' spawn much tragedy, it is to wake up." Four teams Reno police reports, Zhengzhou traffic police will strictly follow the "People's Republic of China on Road Traffic Law," non-motor vehicle drivers, pedestrians traffic offense punches remediation. Any violation of road traffic safety law, shall be punishable by a fine of 50 yuan top grid; non-motor vehicle driver refuses to accept the penalty of fine shall be withheld their vehicles; to impede traffic police official duties according to law, the transfer of all relevant departments for further processing.
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Within an hour, more than 20 penalties for traffic violations
10 o'clock yesterday morning, the Third Brigade Patrol in the Central Plains Road and University Avenue intersection to investigate the non-motor vehicle drivers and pedestrians traffic violations.
In the southeast corner of the intersection, more than 20 non-motorized vehicles crossed the stop line fifty-six m red light, blocking a taxi turn, repeatedly honking taxi drivers are not effective, resulting in the rear of the vehicle congestion.
A middle-aged woman holding a child walking in the motor vehicle lane, passing cars are Bypass deceleration.
A man riding electric car along the road from the Central Plains after traveling east to west in the motor vehicle lane,X89133zlYz, was stopped by the police, the police Liu Yang explained to him the offense,EnUepBSm20, the man to pay the fine.
But the majority of illegal workers was stopped, all sorts of excuses,tJ21DR1oLi, even arrogant attitude. Not a woman walking across the street when the zebra crossing, still plausibly after being stopped by the police, "I just cut through a bit."
Within an hour, the police punished a total of more than 20 non-motor vehicle drivers and pedestrians violations.
Fines served as a warning
Need long-term mechanism
"We also have difficulties, motorists parked on the roadside, blocking the road children of non-motorized and non-motorized vehicles can only take the fast track." Mr Leung said non-motor vehicle driver.
But he then immediately interrupted by another lady: "You go look at the electric car motor vehicle lane,Gw2Py8N3zb, how much is because the car parked roadside squeeze past?"
Days right law firm Chen Bo believes that "now Zhengzhou chaotic traffic, congestion everywhere, with these non-motor vehicle driver and pedestrian violations have a certain relationship, so the punishment should be long-term sustainability."
Associate Professor, School of Public Administration, Zhengzhou University, Yang Zhao poly favor of the "fine", he believes that economic punishment and allow offenders "impressive." But he also stressed that the fine is only a means, not an end. "Fines serve as a warning role, the need to adhere to the relevant departments to form a long-term mechanism, so as to allow the formation of consciousness we consciously abide by traffic laws."
Third Brigade Patrol captain Yao Yang said that the rectification of illegal, non-motorized transport heavy workload,WM4cjxA460, involving a wide range Jiuwei difficult, the traffic police department will overcome the difficulties, in strict accordance with the procedures of law enforcement, the establishment of normal inspections,doudoune moncler, the exposure mechanism,canada goose solde, the creation of the public peace, orderly and smooth traffic travel environment. (Source: Henan Business Daily)


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