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Jose Agostinho Pereira

Pereira daughter and children living thatched house,karen millen sale,Father and son work in the sa, they did not even have enough clothes
International Online Zhuangao: Austria "beast father" Joseph Fritz imprisoned his own daughter when sex slaves for 24 years,said it does not know to use , and gave birth to seven children, the case had shocked the whole world. According to the German "Der Spiegel" magazine reported on June 10, a 54-year-old Brazilian man has recently been called "Brazilian Fritz", he imprisoned his daughter up in the virgin forest in a thatched house in 12 years, forcing when the daughter sex slaves, not only gave birth to seven children, and had also raped her daughter gave birth to a child.
 Video: Brazilian man raped his daughter imprisoned perennial children under 7 Source: Shenzhen TV "Noon 30"
Northeast Brazil Maranhao police has revealed that 54-year-old local farmer Jose  Pereira (Jose Agostinho Pereira) were reported imprisoned his own daughter as a sex slave for 12 years,If a little more love, was arrested.
Police investigations revealed that since 1998, Pereira and his wife divorced, he gave his daughter off in the virgin forest in a thatched house as sex slaves. The thatched cottage 80 km from the city,babyliss curl secret, accessible only by boat arrival. Here,re-revised, Pereira and his daughter gave birth to seven children. Even more outrageous it is that Pereira had also raped as young as 7-year-old granddaughter.
Police revealed that Pereira's daughter is illiterate. Born seven children,and help link the 120 ambulance. Soon an ambulance arrived,polo ralph lauren soldes, three men and four women, six children have been living with his mother in a thatched house,"The trip should hire a hundr, another child was just born to someone else. In the absence of birth registration,there are many such comments, the child's age can only be estimated, probably between 2 months to 12 years old.
Cottages in life is very embarrassed, the police spokesman said the children "have nothing to wear, malnutrition",home exercise, "They can not leave the house, do not read, can not communicate with other people." It is reported that Pereira had threatened her and the children,scarpe mbt outlet, if they tried to escape or to disclose to others here,karen millen sale, just kill them.
Currently, Pereira has been detained, imprisoned his daughter as a sex slave of things confessed. According to Brazilian law, in order to enter the proceedings only after the completion of the investigation. Pereira's daughter and the children are currently being housed in shelters, a personal care. (Ge Wen-yuan)


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